Using Peat-free blocks.

mistified by peat-free blocks- this is how we use it.
Peat harvests this year were down, only 5% of normal levels were collected.
This will quite likely increase the cost of normal composts, why not take the opportunity to try something new.

Just water , then add liquid seaweed. (or other organic nutrient) Use guide on product for volume.

Add Neo-peat coir block (each block will make 70- 72 litres of peat free compost, will need 18-20 litres of water). If you don't want 70 litres, put your spade through the block prior to hydrating and adjust water.

Wait for an hour until the blocks rise to expansion.

Use a spade to break up the expanded block. Sometimes you may find some coir still needs hydrating, either add a bit more water to these or remove and store

At this point we add perlite, this is a volcanic siliceous rock. Which can swell to 4 times its size and helps maintain moisture in the coir without being soggy. Coir also has great water retention properties. Other benefits include stimulating root growth and insulation.

Seaweed - coir - perlite all mixed through and now ready to use. Your eco option, for most garden needs.

Happy Gardening.