Neopeat (Cocopeat ) Bales

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Benefits of Neopeat

High moisture retention. Improves physical & biological condition of soil. Improves aeration.

Reduces frequency of irrigation. Enhances strong and healthy root system. Better yield. Contains natural enzymes, humus and plant nutrients
Holds and provides water and nutrients as required. Improve yield in horticulture and floriculture crops. Reduces soil temparature.

Neopeat (Cocopeat ) Bales
Size of Bale 30 x 30 x 15 cm
Weight per bale 4.5 kgs. (approx .)
Volume 1 kg = 15 ltrs. (* when reconstituted)
1 MT = 15,000
* Reconstitution Procedure :
Add 18 to 22 ltrs. of water per bale of 4.5 kg. (approx) you will get 70 to 75 ltrs. i.e 16 to 17 ltrs. per kg. But for computing the cost we are taking only 15 ltrs. per kg. Thus you will get 1 to 2 ltrs. per kg. free of cost.

Technical Specification

Water holding capacity

-600 to 700%







Organic Carbon

10 to 12%


-6.5 to 7.5 %


-Less than
0.5 milli/mhos

C/N Ratio


Total Organic Matter

-75 to 85%

Condition New
Weight 5kg

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